Leading Digital Transformation

Professor Rory M. McDonald

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2 months




16-17 May 2024
8.30 am - 5 pm

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ECTS points

4.5 ECTS points



Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Harvard Business School, Rory M. McDonald

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Sankt Annæ pl. 11, 1250 København  


Tuition Fee

DKK 25,000 exclusive of VAT

About the Course

Although disruption has long been a threat for some industries, the rise of digital technologies has accelerated the pace of disruption in virtually every industry, creating immense ambiguity and unease. Meanwhile, uncertainty continues to accelerate in the broader business environment as the rate at which new technologies emerge increases exponentially - all while competition becomes increasingly fierce. The dominance of established leaders has never been more under threat.

This course addresses digital culture, innovations, and leadership aspects and thus tries to provide a well-rounded overview of the complexity of the phenomenon 'digital transformation’. The course also encourages participants to become drivers of change in their companies by developing new mindsets and behaviors within teams and departments. Through interactive and experiential learning, the course helps participants understand not only the “what” of digitalization but also the “how” of becoming an excellent leader for a digitalized future.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand digital innovation and transformation
  • Provide a new set of theories and frameworks for analyzing common management problems related to leading digital transformation
  • Learn what a digital leader is: working with (big) data


Rory M. McDonald

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Harvard Business School

Rory M. McDonald is a Professor of Business Administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School. Professor McDonald holds an MBA and a PhD from Stanford University.

Rory McDonald is the co-writer of a range of Harvard Cases and leading articles on innovation. Together with his mentor, Clayton Christensen, he has published articles as ‘What is Disruptive Innovation?’. In 2022 Rory M. McDonald published the book ‘Productive Tensions – How every leader can tackle innovation’s toughest trade-offs’

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Case Materials

The course material consists of a textbook, case studies and articles.


Students are required to attend all classes and to participate actively.


Students are required to read all course material in advance.


Students will be graded on attendance and participation in class and on an individual paper.

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